At Bizzy Bee Builders, we know that the summer sun in Southern California can be brutal. When temperatures reach the triple digits, you need to have an air conditioning unit that will keep you cool and won’t quit. In the winter months you need heating to keep you warm and comfortable. This is why our San Diego HVAC technicians are dedicated to helping our clients stay comfortable all year long while saving them money on their energy bills.

Whole House Fans

Whole House FansWhen Whole House Fans are turned on, the fans will pull the cooler outdoor air into your home, through your windows, across your living space, into the attic, and out the attic vents replacing the hot stale air. This helps cool the home and attic by up to 30 degrees, and sometimes more, allowing the home and attic to stay much cooler the following day.

When using the QuietCool whole house fan, we recommend starting by cooling the area which will be most occupied. For example, in most family situations, the early evening is spent in the kitchen and family room area. Assuming this to be true, this is where you would want to start cooling.

The cool breeze begins when a window or two is opened and the QuietCool fan is turned on. The cooler outside air will immediately begin to create a breeze inside the home making the homeowner feel up to 10 degrees cooler, and sometimes more, instantly.